Our urgent plea to help the people of Ukraine

Our urgent plea to help the people of Ukraine


As Russia’s military advance on Ukraine continues, the people are becoming desperate for basic food supplies, equipment and shelter. There is also an urgent need for items such as medicines, nappies and sanitary products.

Here at Daniel Cobb we have felt heartbroken and frustrated as we watched events in Ukraine unfold. Like many other concerned London residents, we have been discussing ways in which we might be able to support Ukraine’s people.

As a result we have decided to offer our four offices in Westminster, London Bridge, Clapham and Kennington as reception points for the donation of goods and equipment. We will collect these items on behalf of British Ukrainian Aid and transport them to the Ukrainian Club in Holland Park Avenue. The donated items will then be sent to Ukraine and distributed to its citizens.

We know you will want to help, so please spend the next few days sourcing any items you can spare from the list below. You can drop your donations off at any of the four Daniel Cobb offices (addresses below) between 12 noon and 6.30 pm on the 7th, March. 2022.



Medical support: For refugees: For Ukraine’s fighters:

- tourniquet Celox-A

- painkillers

- antibiotics

- cold remedies/lemsip

- field dressings /bandages/etc

- first aid kits

- stretchers

- camping/sleeping mats

- sleeping bags

- duvets

- thermal underwear

- hot water bottle

- baby food

- nappies/reusable nappies of different sizes

- sanitary products for women

- toiletries

- first aid kits


- Motorola radios

- USB power banks, high capacity

- kevlar helmets

- bulletproof vests/jackets

- backpack

- chest rigs/tactical jackets

- army boots

- trekking socks

- camping/sleeping mat

- sleeping bags

- energy bars