Bear Hunts, Local heroes and Joe Wicks

Despite the desperately challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in, there are fortunately many things out there that are giving us good reasons to smile. This superhero meme is one I keep going back to.

Every day we hear more extraordinary stories about selfless acts from our NHS service. It is very unlikely they would have time to read this, but it is still worth sharing our enormous respect and endless gratitude for the incredible task they are undertaking right now. A huge thank you for your relentless efforts every single day in saving thousands of lives.

Closer to home, yesterday my kids went on a bear hunt as part of their daily exercise. This post reached us yesterday and within a few hours, the homes in our area had front windows full of bears. As the saying goes, necessity is the mother of all inventions and the current situation is fuelling such fabulous creativity.

Also out and about has been our wonderful Sales Director, Johnny Male, delivering little Daniel Cobb bags of joy to those in Kennington who really need help and support right now. Well done Johnny.

The famous Daniel Cobb completion bag has recently had an almost priceless upgrade…3 x loo rolls, as well as all the usual goodies of course. Congratulations to the new owners of the Harmsworth st property we have just sold. We hope you are keeping well and enjoying your new home.

A final thank you has to go to Joe Wicks for getting us energised each morning. Jumping around pretending to be Joey the Kangaroo is not normally our style but it has helped us to treasure the moments in the day where we get to smile, be silly and have a laugh with each other.