DANIEL COBB’S guide to virtual viewings & valuations

Whether you are a vendor, landlord or tenant who has offered to do a virtual viewing on behalf of the landlord or vendor, we hope these top tips will help.

1) Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google hangouts, facetime…we’ve got it covered

We believe the simplest option is to arrange a video conference. Setting this up between the seller or landlord and the interested party allows for quality two-way conversations and time to explore a property and ask questions along the way.

2) Video recording

If you’re selling or renting and have decided to record a video we suggest the following

De-clutter, de-clutter, de-clutter…

If you were selling your car, we’re sure you wouldn’t leave parking receipts and sweet wrappers in the footwell. In fact, it’s the only time we use the funny hoover attachment that gets into really small and awkward places. Stale crisps and gummy bears don’t have a chance! So apply the same principle to your home. For the majority of people their property is their largest financial asset, so we want to help you make a great first impression. If you’re short on time, get a few large boxes, put all your clutter in the boxes and worry about it later.

Use the front facing camera on your device

This is the higher definition lens on your device. Most devices also have an anti-wobble mechanism in place so you don’t need a fancy gimble or steady hand

Pan slowly through the room and do it from two corners

Give the viewer time to soak up the room without them having to hit the pause button. Pan slowly across the room at the point of entrance, then walk to another corner of the room and pan again.

Fancy yourself as a Salesperson? Why not have a go?

You don’t have to add any commentary, we can always do that for you or add a nice music backdrop. However, if you want to talk us through your home, go for it. We’ve had some fabulous commentary so far and it is a great way to hear about your home and what you love about it. Tell us your story.

Start at the front door but don’t show your door number

It sounds obvious but start at the entrance of the property. However be careful not to reveal the door number. At this stage we don’t need to be sharing your full property address.

Good luck. If you have any questions or would like some more help, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help.