Our way of thinking

Our company mission is to be recognized as a Family Business who brings family values to the property industry. For us that means engendering values of honesty, support and trust, all done in a professional and approachable manner. Over the last 20 years we have spent time carefully refining and reviewing our process so that our clients are part of a well-oiled machine.

Our Service principles:

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression

Danielcobb way of thinking

We spend a lot of time training our staff on simple elements that we believe make a big difference. Whether that be the tone, manner and phraseology we use in how we greet our clients, answering the phone within 2 rings, responding to clients quickly and effectively, ideally within half day and worst case 24hr, easy to use guides…the list goes on. We strive to give the customer a warm, reassuring and positive feeling from the very beginning.

Be Michael Parkinson (Yes I do mean the chat show host!)

Michael Parkinson

His success was because he was brilliant at listening, making people feel at ease from the word go and only ever asked a few carefully selected and well considered questions which then allowed his guests to talk openly. We aim to do the same with all our clients. Good customer service means accurately finding out the customer's needs by listening properly and asking the right questions.

Feedback’s a gift

Daniel Cobb customer feedback

Any feedback is helpful and by remaining open minded, receptive and being able to conduct ourselves with humility, means we are well placed to pay proper attention to complaints and deal with them appropriately. Good customer service is about attending to customer concerns promptly and accurately.

5 minutes before

London Army

The Army are excellent at keeping time and every meeting, appointment, training session, you are expected to be there 5 minutes before the start, so that you are ready to go. This reference keeps us true to our commitment to keep to deadlines and delivery dates. We aim to ensure that our service is delivered when promised.

This fresh and unique approach to customer service combined with a highly loyal client base, we believe, sets us apart from the competition.